Engine Diagnostic

We all know the dreaded feeling of a warning light flashing up on your dashboard, which can range from simple low fluid levels to serious engine faults. There are potentially hundreds of faults that your car could bring to your attention but it needs specialist car diagnostic equipment to find the cause and exact fault. The light will appear when a sensor in your vehicle detects a fault and generates an error code that is normally displayed via a warning light on the dashboard.

Bring your car into the garage for a car diagnostic test to establish the cause of the fault. Doing so as soon as the light appears will prevent the more serious issues becoming an even bigger problem. Ensuring you maintain your regular car service will help to prevent these faults.

Our highly trained mechanics can then offer advice on how to get the vehicle back on the road and any repairs needed. We offer the test on almost every make and model of car so get in contact with us or pop into our Bude garage.


Car Diagnostic

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What Is A Car Diagnostic?

Every modern car now contains clever on-board computers that monitor most things under the bonnet. This generally includes engine temperature, windscreen washer fluid, emission levels and will alert you with a warning light if it detects anything untoward. A lot of the car manufacturers prevent the driver from seeing the actual fault or what's gone wrong, purely just so you have to visit the dealer for a car diagnostic.

Nowadays however, there is no need to visit the dealer and our state of the car diagnostic tool will establish exactly what the fault is and the cause of the problem on most makes and model of vehicle. Visiting a garage as soon as the engine warning light appears could potentially prevent catastrophic component failures, leading to much more expensive repair.

What If A Fault Is Found?

Our engine diagnostic test is a set price of £48 and checks for faults on a huge range of the cars features including tyres, emissions, lights and engine management. Even once the test equipment has found exactly where the fault is occurring, it then still requires our highly trained mechanics to fix the fault. Often, our mechanics knowledge and experience will help to identify the underlying cause of the fault.

Once the fault is established, we will provide you with the details and work required to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road. The test equipment will then reset the warning light to prevent any reoccurrence.


When Should I Do A Car Diagnostic?

Believe it or not, it isn't just when you get a warning light on your dashboard. If you are driving your vehicle and something doesn't feel quite right, or you can hear/feel something that isn't normally there then an engine diagnostic test could help to find the problem.

Most manufacturers recommend an engine diagnostic test once a year as part of your vehicles general upkeep, not just when when the check engine light comes on. This will prevent any serious issues that are yet to be flagged up your vehicles ECU. Improve your car maintenance with a small one off fee and prevent any serious issues.

If you're looking to purchase a used car then ask the seller if they're happy for the vehicle to go through an engine diagnostic. If they aren't, then maybe there is a serious reason as to why! We recommend doing this as part of checking the history of the vehicle.